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Mechanical One-Way Clutch

one way clutches are also known as over running clutches these work as unidirectional couplings these are engaged automatically depending on direction of rotation and vice versa these can be used as back stops indexing clutches or over running clutch

Clutch Brake Combination

clutch brake combinations are used where intermittent operations are required this combination consists of UFB as well as UFC These types of units operate on DC voltage with no slip rings hence Virtually maintenance-free throughout their life it is possible to set an air gap without dis maintaining the unit UCB-E type of combination is totally encase unit with split shaft

Flange Mounted Clutch

A flange-mounted clutch is a type of clutch that is designed to be directly mounted onto a flange of a driven shaft or component. It is commonly used in various industrial applications where rotational motion needs to be controlled or interrupted.

Bearing Mounted Clutch

bearing mounted clutches are normally of type and operate on DC voltage on applying DC voltage to the status strong magnetic field is produced which puls the armature towards the friction material of the rotor for the air gap and targets transmitted free of backlash on switching of power supply the unique pre-stressed spring pose the armature back into the original position and clutch is positively released from the residual torque

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